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In today’s society, most humans have a desire to receive guidance, support and want a listening/caring ear. What’s a caring ear? An ear that belongs to a non-biased, non-judging, diversity seeking person willing to give encouragement to those who feel lost, confused about their future, dissatisfied with self, family, personal and business relationships.

The Problem (If any):

"Today," there are many individuals who simply feel that they need someone to talk to without the person who is listening passing judgment and that will keep conversations confidential.

"Today," there are groups, teams, families, coworkers, church members, etc. that struggle with collaboration, conflict resolutions and teamwork due to lack of knowledge and respect for proper communication, diversity and personal culture.

"Today," there are struggling leaders in positions that they were either not ready to be in (and thrown in) or stepped up to due to falsely assuming/thinking that they were ready to take on the role.

"Today," there are individuals with potential to be in a leadership role but do not see their full potential to gain and develop qualities to be extraordinary leaders and be great!

THIS DAY, BNM will focus on providing coaching services with the highest levels of client satisfaction for your TOMORROWBNM seeks to offer coaching services to you, your staff, teachers, ministers, ministry leaders, etc. through one on one sessions, seminars, retreats and workshops all to tackle the "Todays" in your life for a better TOMORROW. Coach Jolene J will be your biggest encourager. Find out more about her in the next column.